How to set-up a multi-language queue in IPCM

Version 1



    You are a multi language organization, and wish to build a Language skilled Queue in IPCM.

    You wish to create an open Queue and label each queued call with the language of the caller. The analysts with the appropriate language skill will use information to pull their calls. 



    The queue would need to be monitored or calls could sit on hold indefinitely.

    1. Create a “Dummy agent” 
    2. Skill the agent to 100% in all languages.  
    3. Place the agent in “Not Ready” state and leave the agent in the not ready state, calls will then hold in the queue and the available Volunteers will pull the call appropriately to their language skill. 

    As best Practise, a DayType, to check the time of day and a Prompt stating normal hours of operation, should be created. This will inform callers of the potential hold wait time.  Or, set a time of day and/or Check agent, to send calls to Voicemail at the appropriate out of hours time.