How to add new values to validation dropdowns in ITSM/Premise 7.x

Version 1


    Customer needs to know how to add new values to a validation object dropdown when the object is not displayed in Object Maintenance.



    If the validation is coming from a validation object:

    1. Launch the Smart Client
    2. Open the Business Object i.e. Incident
    3. Select any opened Incident record
    4. Locate the field i.e Category
    5. Click F9 on the validated field dropdown
    6. When Dialog pops up, click the blue + sign 
    7. Enter the new value and either "Save" or "Save and Use"
    If the validation is coming from a List of Values rather than object:
    1. Create a new Definition Set in the Admin Module
    2. Select the business object from which the field resides
    3. Edit the Field Properties,,,
    4. Click on the Validation tab
    5. Add to the list by clicking in an empty row
    6. Apply and Close
    7. Commit changes