How to recreate a new Master rights user if no Current Master users exist or the password for the master user is not known.

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    How to recreate a new Master rights user if no Current Master users exist or the password for the MASTER user is not known.


    Note: You will need your license number and key code to continue with the following steps.
    These can be obtained from Customer Care at 800-755-2100 option 3. Please have your Customer ID/HDA, the exact version and build of GoldMine available.

    1. Have all users log out of GoldMine, if using GoldSync shutdown the GoldSync service. 
    2. Browse out to the GoldMine root directory on the server
    3. Locate and rename the file License.bin (GMCE 7.x/GMPE 8.x), LicenseGM.bin (GMPE 9.x/2013.1.x/2014.1) or LicenseGM94.bin (GMPE 2014.2..x) > rename the license file, as this will be the backup file which needs to be reverted to serve as the real license file as otherwise possible Additional Licenses, Undocked Users or Sites need to be recreated and reconfigured)
        4. Launch GoldMine from a workstation or from the server
    5. You will be prompted for the serial number and key code
    6. Enter or paste the serial number > next
    7. Enter in your company information > next
    8. Do not check any Windows User Accounts > next
    9.a. Either enter a further Username For example MASTER2 and a Password, this will create an (additional) user
    9.b. or enter Username MASTER and a new password , this will change the MASTER's password into the entered password or will create the user MASTER again (if the MASTER user was deleted)  
    10. Finish
    11. The log in screen will appear
    12. log in with the (new) created user and the provided password > OK
    13. Once log in, verify the (new) user has master rights via Tools > Users' Settings....

    Once you have verified the new "master" account works, and you are using GoldSync, log out of GoldMine again and restore the original renamed license from step 3. and restart the GoldSync Service.