How to set a custom sound for alarms in GoldMine.

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    How to set a custom sound for alarms in GoldMine.

    Custom sounds can be used for the GoldMine alarm sound if desired. This is a user specific setting, which can be set by editing the specific user's username.ini file found in the root GoldMine application folder on the GoldMine Application Server or by selecting the option to Play alarm sound file in the users options.




    Steps to configure a custom alarm sound in GoldMine Premium Edition:

    1. Open GoldMine
    2. Tools > Options > Alarms Tab
    3. Tick the option: Play alarm sound file
    4. Using the browse option browse to your sound file (*.wav)
    5. Click OK to accept the change.

    Steps to configure a custom alarm sound in directly inn the Username.ini file:

    1. Locate the username.ini file for the user that wants to use a custom .WAV file for the GoldMine Alarm Sound. 
    2. Open the username.ini file with notepad to edit it. 
    3. Locate the section titled [GMALARM]. (Pressing CTRL+F will activate a search function in the notepad app to make this easier)
    4. Under the [GMALARM] section, add the following line:
    PlaySound=path to .wav file
    5. The path specified MUST be accessible to the user when they are using GoldMine on their workstation. 


    For NETWORKED users, saving the .wav file in a centralized location like the GoldMine Application Folder on the Application Server is acceptable, as users will have access to this.

    For UNDOCKED users, the .wav file should be saved locally on the undocked computer. Also, the username.ini file which is saved locally on the undocked computer MUST be edited as described, as an Undocked user does not access their username.ini on the application server when working remotely.