When adding a GoldMine field directly in the SQL backend is the RECID still the last column?

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    We always add custom fields manually directly in Microsoft SQL; when doing this should the last field for CONTACT2 and CONTUDEF be RECID?


      - The GoldMine Support Desk does not suggest or support adding custom fields to the GoldMine database manually directly in Microsoft SQL.
      - This can and has had unintended consequences to the database stability for many customers. 
    - This method of adding custom fields is antiquated and was only supported when GoldMine used the Borland Database Engine (BDE) as its underlying database connectivity technology. BDE does have a limitation for a Microsoft Database SQL database of 255 (237 Custom userdefined) fields within a table which caused a rebuild on databases (which is required when adding user defined fields via the GoldMine interface) to remove any additional fields when this amount was exceeded. Only for this reasons adding user defined fields via the back end was promoted as a workaround by the GoldMine Technical Support Team.
      - Since GoldMine 7.x and higher the Borland Database Engine (BDE) is no longer in use and instead now ADO Database connection is in place. This technology does not have a limitation by itself and therefore respects the Microsoft SQL limitation of 1024 fields/column in a table. It is strongly recommended to add user defined fields via the usual way and the GoldMine interface with a rebuild of the specific tables.
    - If you are using an older version of GoldMine and you do have the need to manually add fields via the SQL backend then the last column of any GoldMine table should be the RECID field.