Add the "Publish Knowledge Article" permission to a new role

Version 1



    The steps in this article will detail how to add the "Publish Knowledge Article" quick action to a role




    1) Log on to HEAT as an Administrator.

    2) Click on Configure Application.

    3) On the left side menu, expand Automation Tools and then click Quick Actions

    4) Scroll down to FRS_Knowledge, and click on Add/Edit

    5) A new tab should open. On the upper left corner, select Publish Knowledge Article. This is the Quick Action that publishes the article.

    6) Click Edit

    7) On the right side menu, under “Publish to:” select the desired role(s).

    8) Click Save.



    The “Publish Knowledge Article” quick action should now be accessible to your selected role(s) from the Action Menu in the Knowledge Workspace.