Is it possible to identify common tasks in GoldMine Help and put buttons/links on the GoldMine Taskbar?

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    How can I add single GoldMine Help pages into the GoldMine Taskbar?

    Is it possible to identify common tasks in GoldMine Help and put buttons/links on the task bar to provide immediate help with these most common activities? This would be much less time consuming than creating a booklet of common task how-to's  and would save users time to search and browse every time through the whole Help content.


    On each machine where GoldMine is installed either as a full application or a networked client a folder called OnlineHelp will be created which contains the complete Help content.

    When considering to put this on a global task bar for all users the location of the folder OnlineHelp might be different as on one machine (x64) it might be in \Program Files (x86)\GoldMine\ while on other systems it may reside in \Program Files\GoldMine or even in a completely different location when the installation path was modified, on the other hand when providing this via a shared path it might be the case that the user's browser settings prevent the content to be displayed correctly.

    In general this is possible via the following steps

    A. identify the desired article
    (In our example we will take the GoldMine User Guide > Activities > Scheduling and Completing Activities)
    1. Open GoldMine >> Help >> GoldMine Help
    2. Search or browse to the desired page (see above for our example)
    3. Right Click on the page content  >> Properties >> you have the final Address (URL): for the specific page >> Highlight and copy and paste it into a notepad
    (in our example file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/GoldMine/OnlineHelp/GM90_Activities.07.03.html)

    4. Cancel
    5. Proceed for all pages you would like to set into the GoldMine task bar
    6. After having all final pages addresses in your notepad >> close GoldMine Help

    B. Place the link into the GoldMine Taskbar 
    (The following is only an example work flow where a new global Taskbar Common Tasks – How to? is added to GoldMine with a reference to the server’s articles and Taskbar was not yet enabled)
    1. Open GoldMine with Master rights
    2. Right Click in tool bar >> Customize
    3. Activate Taskbar >> Close
    4. In the Taskbar >> Customize button
    5. Right Click into Customize Taskbar >> Add New Group …

    6. Provide a desired Group name and set options as desired >> OK

    7. Click on the new created group >> the empty group will be opened
    8. Right Click >> Add new item
    9. a. Select Item Type Website
    9. b. Add a desired caption e.g. Schedule and Complete Activities
    9. c. In URL add the link to the html document you identified before and pasted into notepad, the link should be in the same format as if you browse to the location from Windows file explorer.
    In our example this would be \\AS03-OFF03-32\GoldMine\OnlineHelp\GM90_Activities.07.03.html as we used the server’s help file content.
    9. d. Select a desired icon for the article (you may need to make sure that the icon file is also adjusted to be available on the share)
    9. e. OK

    10. Repeat steps 8. – 9. for all your desired articles
    11. When finished >> close the Customize Taskbar

     On the GoldMine Tool bar a new entry will appear Common tasks - How to? –  as this is a global Taskbar this will be also available for other users after restarting GoldMine and if applicable enabling the GoldMine Taskbar..

    C. How to use the added ‘short cuts’
    1. If applicable enable the GoldMine Taskbar
    a. Right Click in tool bar >> Customize
    b. Activate Taskbar >> Close
    2. Select the desired content directly from the drop down of the Common tasks – How to?

    3. The following browser window appears 

    4. It must be kept in mind
    a. That here is only the direct link displayed to the page,
    b. Further direct links e.g. here the (use Outlook integration) are functional
    c. Also the navigation buttons are functional e.g. the Navigation pane can be opened again and Next > and Previous < buttons work.

    BUT all actions are performed with the OnlineHelp folder from the application server, so the users may experience delays and interruptions when browsing through the server’s OnlineHelp. This was also one reason why the OnlineHelp is also installed locally on any GoldMine client and researching several topics or browsing through complete chapters should be rather done via the Help >> GoldMine menu as this will then use the local OnlineHelp. 
    NOTE: This is not something the GoldMine Technical Support Team usually advises not to do as it may have some undesired effects.  if you have any queries please contact the Support team via [email protected][email protected]