How to do an in place upgrade of IPCM 5.2  or higher to a later version of IPCM

Version 1


    Upgrade steps


    It is preferred to backup the IPCM Communications Management folder, however at least back up the data folder and the application folder (c:\program files (x86)\FrontRange Solutions\IP Communications Management\data and c:\program files (x86)\FrontRange Solutions\IP Communications Management\applications).

    Uninstall the current installation of IPCM.


    Install the new version of IPCM. (Make sure to right click the executable and go to properties, then click unblock if the button is available and always run the install with the right click and run as administrator option).

    When prompted about previous configuration/setup files were detected, select the option to use the previous configuration files.

    Test after the installation is completed.

    NOTE: Make sure to check the admin guide for any pre-requisties like desktop experience feature for the server to be installed prior to the IPCM Installation.