Printing GoldMine reports will always use the setup printer tray in Windows Printers setup instead of the selected tray in the printer properties when printing

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    Printing GoldMine reports will always use the setup printer tray in Windows Printers setup instead of the selected tray in the printer properties when printing

    - Have a printer (usually in an office environment a network printer) installed with different trays whereby a certain tray is set in the Windows Printer settings

    - Testing done with Windows 10 and Server 2012, using GMPE 2015.2 GA Release.
    - Used reports 1) Contact Details, 2) Contacts with Notes Tab.

    Printing reports can be performed via different ways and the following steps is showing only some of them

    1. On any contact record
    2. Press Printer button in the toolbar
    3. While technically it is not relevant, but make sure that the Contact Details report is selected in the list
    4. Make sure that the Current Contact Only is selected
    6. Make sure to select the Print Report Output to Window
    7. OK
    8. This generates the preview of the report
    9. Button Printer
    9.a. Make sure that the printer name is the desired one with the different trays
    9.b. Either in Print Setup all via the button Properties >> select a different tray than the default setup tray from the Windows Printer setup
    >> RESULTS:

    First test, set preference to print to tray #2 using standard paper size.

    --- Tray #1 was used.

    Second test, set preferences to print to tray #3 using Legal Size paper.
    --- Tray #1 was used.

    Third test, set preferences to print to tray #3, and telling the printer to force able use the Legal paper in that tray.
    --- Tray #1 was used.

    Image of settings screen.

    Repeated testing, marked the first 2 sheets of paper in each tray with the tray number the paper is in.

    Same results, regardless of settings Tray #1 was always used.

    Additional note:
    - The same behavior is experienced when using Tools >> Configure >> Printer Setup
    - With any known way to try to force GoldMine to print the report on a different tray will fail



    This is RM # 235288


    A. Use a PDF/XPS printer instead for  'printing the report' and then print out the PDF/XPS file as desired  (XPS printer is usually automatically installed when installing  Microsoft Office)

    1. Have a PDF/XPS printer available/installed
    2. Print the reports as desired with this printer instead which produces a PDF/XPS file
    3.  Print the PDF/XPS file with the desired options and tray selection to  the desired Network printer if a paper copy is necessary

    B. Save the report as RTF file and print out the RTF file as desired (for example from Microsoft Word)

    1. Generate the Report in the Preview mode
    2. Save Button >> Save as desired as a RTF file (this file can be opened for example with Microsoft Office then later)
    3. Open or print the RTF file as desired from within Microsoft Word

    C.  It should be possible to install identical the printer as a Windows  printer with a second configuration (here with tray 1 instead of Auto),  please refer also to the following article found on the internet which  the customer's IT may consider

    1. Control Panel >> Hardware >> Devices and Printers
    2. Add Printer
    3. Select the identical printer again from the list or enter share.ip address
    4.  usually Windows asks to use installed drivers or update drivers (I  selected use currently installed as there was no need to update drivers)
    5. Assign a matching name to the printer for example xxx_tray1
    6. Once the Printer is added >> Right Click on the printer >> Printer Preferences
    7. Change settings (tray) as desired and save changes
    8.  Use this printer for printing a preview and or temporarily set this  printer as the Windows default printer for printing GoldMine reports 

    Further  information which is provided by GoldMine Technical Support only as-is  and without any warranty of any kind can be found on the below threads.  Please keep in mind that any non GoldMine or non Heat Software links are  only provided as-is and content and availability may change at any time  without any notice

    D.  Another option might be (depending if this is allowed by IT) to  temporarily change the current Windows Printer settings directly to Tray  1 instead of Auto.

    - This might be the least desired  workaround but could be worth a try.
    - So prior printing any report  from GoldMine >> go via the Control Panel >> Hardware  >> Devices and Printers >> via right click into the Printer  Preferences of the printer >> Change the default tray to the desired tray for example Tray1  >> save the changes and verify this in GoldMine with Printing the  report.
    - After the desired reports are printed the user needs to remember  to change the settings back again to the original default.

    For  the first 3 possibilities a short SWF video is available to review or to download at/from