Is it possible to show custom Fields in a GoldMine report?[Uploaded File]

Version 1


    You have added custom fields to the contact record information.  When printing a standard Goldmine report, only standard GoldMine fields print on this report.  Is it possible to show custom Fields in a GoldMine report?


    1. Standard GoldMine reports only have selected "stock" GoldMine fields.
    2. Alterations to standard GoldMine reports can be made to meet a specific business need.
    3. GoldMine reports under user "(public)" should NOT be altered as a general rule; instead create a clone of the report
    - Right click on the desired report
    - Select "Clone"
    - Save the report to a specific username
    - Then make alterations to the cloned report.
    4. For further information on how to create or change existing or cloned reports please refer to the Online Help via Menu
    - Help > GoldMine Help > Administration Guide > Reporting > Editing Report Layouts
    5. As an additional information in order to learn more about customizing and creating custom reports, please see also the attached document titled "GoldMine5Reports.pdf".  Though the title of the document references GoldMine 5; the information within is still valid to current versions of GoldMine.