Selecting "Go to Contact" on the Team members tab of an opportunity/Project opens the wrong contact record.

Version 1



    Make sure to have contact records setup within GoldMine for the users
    For Example; A Contact record Called John Doe and also a GoldMine user called John Doe, with a GoldMine Userid of JOHND.
    1. Browse to a Contact (different than John Doe for example Bea Defkow)
    2. Go To > Opportunities (same would apply for Projects)
    3. Create a new test opportunity via the New Opportunity Button
    4. Either already in the Wizard or now opening the Team  tab, Right Click New > Select the type User and JOHND as a member > Click OK to create the Team member.
    5. Right Click on JOHND
    6. Select "Go to Contact Record"


    - You are navigated to Bea Defkow's contact record NOT the John Doe's contact record.



    - GoldMine does not have any relation between the USER record JOHND and the contact record John Doe
    - As soon as a Team member is of type "User" the Go To Contact Record will always navigate to the Opportunity's/Project's primary contact record and therefore the behavior is expected since JOHND was added to the team members tab as "User" and NOT as type "Other Contact".
      - Only if the contact record John Doe is added as a team member would the functionality "Go to Contact Record", lead to the contact record. Note, also in this case there is no reference back then anymore to the user JOHN.