How does the Config Table Grid work?

Version 1


    How does the Config Table Grid work?  Would like to display more columns.


    The only way to alter what is visible is by going into Edit>> User Preferences>> Grid Settings tab.

    At the bottom of this screen there is a slider to increase or decrease the columns available in the Config grid.  

    There is a predefined sort on this slider where it will pick the most commonly used column on the grids of each ConfigType and will display that field.  As you increase the slider, it will find the next most commonly used field on ConfigType grids and will display that. It will continue in this fashion until the count for remaining columns is one and will therefore display the rest of the columns.

    Therefore, if there is a need to see a specific column, but that column only exists on the grid for  ConfigType "A", then that column would need to be added to multiple ConfigType grids in order to increase it's importance.