How to create an email listener that will update Incident, ServiceReq and Task records?

Version 1


    Would like to configure one email listener to use one mailbox so emails sent to it for existing Incident, ServiceReq or Task records will be updated and have the email linked to the specific record.


    - Create an email listener as follows:

    Business Object = Other
    Name = ServiceReq
    Unique Key = ServiceReqNumber
    Create Incident On Error
    Record Marker = #
    Field Value Separator = ;
    Incident or Task Owner team = Your choice
    Create or Link to Employee or External contact > Contact Type = Employee

    With this configuration, if an email is sent to the listener it will try to create a service request which it cannot, so an Incident is created (create an incident via email). Also, if you send an email for an existing incident, servicereq or task, it will link the email to that specific record.