Solution for MYSQL connection problem.

Version 1


    This describes a problem of connecting when MYSQL has just been installed, this relates to version 5.5 and perhaps other earlier versions.   If LiveTime is saying it cannot connect when you are testing your new database connection to mysql, it may be this problem:  


    If you have not set up mysql to skip name resolving this may result in error upon certain machines authentication depending on if the ip address resolves or not.  Check the computer management event viewer if using a Windows server and check the Application Errors: If you see an error about '...getnameinfo() returned error (code: 11004)' when you are trying to connect to your database with LiveTime this means you have this issue.  Otherwise please contact [email protected]

    If you have this error in your event viewer: Simply add 'skip-name-resolve' to the MySQL ini configuration file in your program directory.   Add this text below the [mysqld] line and then restart the MySQL service in the list of services. (Run: services.msc to view services in Windows.)