prefix does not seem to come back in customers' replies thus creating new requests all the time

Version 1


    When Absolute Service sends out email notifications to customers, our 3 character, company abbreviation, (eg ABC:) prefix is set.

    However, some cases, the customers' replies do not contain our prefix. Thus, this generates another new request.


    This is down to the mail program. Microsoft Outlook, for example, replaces any prefixes such as Re: and Fw: at the beginning of any subject with a localized version of just 1 Re: or Fw:.

    This is is to prevent the build up of Re: Re: RE: Re: Fw: FW:, etc that can occur in mail subjects where this doesn't take place.

    This is can also be configured for other languages, where Re: and Fw: are not the local prefixes to avoid long subjects.

    However, further testing has shown that Outlook will replace whatever first prefix is used on an email if it is up to 3 characters long.

    As such, it seems that Outlook is replacing ABC: with Re: when replies are sent and this is causing the issue with replies to the Absolute Service installation as it is not seeing the required prefix in the subject.

    To get around this, the prefix can be changed to something such as 'ABC Support:'.

    Alternatively, the colon can be removed from the Prefix altogether, in the Email Keywords section under Templates Setup > Email > Templates.

    A further alternative, in recent versions, it is possible to disable the 'Parse Instance Prefix' option under Setup > Email > Setup as Absolute Service would then not check for the prefix.