For two out of several users when creating a new record a relationship link is automatically added.

Version 1


    Starting recently whenever two out of several users attempt to create a new contact record using the "New Record" button in GoldMine there is a relationship automatically created in the GoldMine Relationships tab.  Why is this happening and only for some but not all users?



    1 - Clicked "New Record" button.
    2 - Noted in the bottom of the "New Record" dialogue window under "Creation Method" the "Relate to" option was checked but grayed out/not available.
    3 - Placed a check for the option "Copy Current record" then unchecked "Relate to" option as it was now available and also uncheked "Copy current record" option.

    4 - Created new contact.
    5 - Created new contact again to ensure the "Relate to" option was not rechecked again.

    Alternatively the following resolution could be used:
    1 - Log affected user out of GoldMine.
    2 - Open the GoldMine share on the server.
    3 - Locate the GoldMine username.ini file of the affected user.
    4 - Open the file with notepad.
    5 - Search for (using CTL+F) and remove the following entry which is located under the [GoldMine] section of the username.ini file:

    6 - Delete the line NewRecordOpts=
    7 - Save the username.ini file.
    8 - Log the affected user back into GoldMine and create a new record and verify the option "Relate to" is not checked.