What needs to be done to maintain a GoldMine database; some say to use the GoldMine interface and other say to use SQL, what is the correct method to do database maintenance?

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    We want to do proper maintenance on the GoldMine database.  Some say that this should be done via the GoldMine interface and others say that this should be done using Microsoft SQL; what is the best way to maintain a GoldMine database?


    NOTE: The GoldMine Support Desk and HEAT Software are not responsible for GoldMine data.  The information below is AS IS and  only a general guideline.  If there is a problem with data or the information below does not make sense, please contact a GoldMine Solutions Partner or SQL expert that knows the GoldMine database structure.

    1 - With the introduction of GoldMine Premium Edition it is generally only necessary to run database maintenance via a SQL maintenance plan as part of the SQL backup maintenance plan.
    2 - Generally database maintenance is not required via the GoldMine interface and generally should only be done if asked by the GoldMine Support Desk or a GoldMine Solutions Partner.
    3 - Please reference the GoldMine Premium Edition Administrator Guide >> Data Maintenance and Management >> About Maintaining Databases to learn more about database maintenance via the GoldMine interface does.
    4 - Database maintenance should be part of a SQL backup plan that is created in SQL Server Management Studio.

    5 - Below are some links regarding SQL Server database maintenance plans:
    A - About SQL Server maintenance plans (NOTE: there is a link in the following article about "Other Versions"; please ensure to view the version that is deployed as interfaces and steps do differ between SQL Versions):

    B - Top Tips for Effective Database Maintenance:

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