Constant Contact Campaign is not in the Go To menu after upgrading to GMPE 2013.x

Version 1


    In the GoldMine Online Help, under the GoldMine User Guide > Marketing Tools > Using Constant Contact > Downloading Campaign Information from Constant Contact section it states: From GoldMine, Select Go To > Campaigns > Constant Contact Campaigns

    This menu entry is not available, so Constant Contact Campaigns show as unavailable


    If the menu item Constant Contact Campaigns is missing there may be several reasons for this:

    A. User is using Classic menu

    - Constant Contact Integration is only available via the Standard menu for GoldMine Premium Edition and not via the Classic menu.
    - The Classic menu was provided and intended originally for users switching from the original GoldMine Corporate Edition (GMCE) installations to the new introduced product GoldMine Premium Edition (GMPE). As GoldMine Premium Edition (GMPE) has been available already for several years the classic menu will not be maintained for any functional additions and changed anymore.

    Steps to switch from Classic to Standard menu
    1. Tools > Options
    2. System
    3. Uncheck "Use classic GoldMine menu"
    4. OK
    Constant Contact Campaigns menu will then be available in Go To > Campaigns > Constant Contact Campaigns
    B. Reset the Menu via the GoldMine interface

    - Due to upgrades or other undetermined changes within the Menu the related section area might be corrupted and needs to be reset

    Steps to reset the Menu bar within GoldMine
    1. On the Toolbar right click on a separator > Customize...

    or alternatively at the Toolbar's end drop down > Add or Remove Buttons > Customize...

    2. Highlight Menu Bar
    3. Click Reset

    4. Confirm that you are sure you want to reset the changes made to the "Menu Bar" toolbar > OK

    5. Close
    6. Verify if the menu is now available in Go To > Campaigns > Constant Contact Campaigns
    If the menu is available please verify and adjust if necessary your additional menus again

    C. If the Reset Menu does not work as expected as the final resource verify the following steps as in most cases this indicates a corruption with the User’s toolbar section in the USER.INI

    1. Log out of GoldMine as the affected user e.g. JOHN (in the following example)
    2. Browse to the GoldMine shared folder
    3. Make a copy of JOHN.INI and rename it to JOHN.INI.BAK (so that you still have the backup file for the original USER.INI)
    4. Open the JOHN.INI with Notepad
    5. Search and delete the section [Toolbar]

    6. Start GoldMine as JOHN again
    7. Verify if the menu is now available
    I the menu is available please verify and adjust if necessary your additional buttons again
    8. After verifying that everything works now as expected the backup file JOHN.INI.BAK can be deleted

    Additional Note:

    - The Constant Contact Campaigns feature is NOT available for a GoldMine Site (S-License) or an undocked user (U-license). There are discussions that in a future version this may be available for Site Licenses BUT there are no plans to implement this also for Undocked Licenses.
    - On an S or U licensed GoldMine system you will get the message "This is a Site or Undocked installation. To view Constant Contact E-mail Campaign summary information or to download activity, please log into the main GoldMine installation licensed with an E license, History activity downloaded at the main site can be synchronized from the main installation to this installation. For more information see the help topic Using constant contact."