Getting XML import validation errors against the default GoldMine schema - how to verify the source xml file?

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    Getting XML import validation errors against the default GoldMine Schema - how to verify the source xml file?
    1. File >> Import and Export
    2. Import GoldMine Data from an XML File...
    Although all pre-conditions were met e.g. gm9schema.xsd in same folder as xml file


    The XML file can be verified against the GoldMine XML schema via a free online XML validator. Please keep in mind that these tools are not official HEAT Software/GoldMine tools and the following tool is only an example and therefore
    - only provided as-is
    - without any warranty of any kind
    - the link or functionality may change without any notice (in such a case it would be recommended to search for similar online free tools with key word XML validator)

    1. Start the following website follow instructions
    a. Copy content of your source XML file into the XML input field
    b. Copy the content of gm9schema.xsd into the lower XSD input field
    c. Press Validate XML button
    2. At the top you will see the location and explanation why it fails 


    3. If there is any chance that the original data can be corrected and then to export again the data as a XML via the XML export feature, it would be much better but if the source GoldMine is not available anymore also the XML-file can be edited itself with notepad or a similar editor (please make sure that there is always a backup copy of the XML-file available before changing the content)
    4. Correct the given locations e.g. in the above example the data in a float field are not correct by replacing the , with a . in the amount figure and if applicable remove any additional signs like currency characters >> here e.g. in Notepad activate status via View menu >> Status Bar >> Edit >> Go To >> enter the given line 1832 >> go to the given column 55 >> change the value 1417,32 into 1417.32, proceed with next error in line 1982 etc..)
    5. When all errors are corrected
    6. Repeat step 1 >> now there should appear the following information when validating the XML content again

    7. Save the file XML-file
    8. Make sure to have a backup of the actual production database and try the import again