How to repair a GoldMine installation on workstation.

Version 1


    How to repair a GoldMine installation on workstation?



    1.  Create a temp folder on the workstation desktop called GMOld or something along those lines.
    2.  Navigate to C:\Program Files\GoldMine
    3.  Sort by file type
    4.  Move all .dll .exe .xml files, the TX32 folder, and commandbars.ocx to the temp folder.
    5.  Open Add/Remove Programs
    6.  Select Modify for the GoldMine entry
    7.  When the installer launches, select repair
    8.  Once the repair is complete, reboot the workstation, log back in and verify that GoldMine works correctly
    9.  Once the proper functionality is verified in GoldMine, delete the temp folder GMOld from the desktop and empty the recycle bin.