Create IPCM Queue (Monitor) based on a Service block in the IVR

Version 1


    This article describes how to create an IPCM queue (as seen in Agent Dashboard >> Queue tab) based on set Service in the IVR.


    To configure a Queue based on a service  –


    1. In Management Portal > Agents/Skills/Services > Services, create the Service. In this example, "Demo Service" is used.

    2. In Management Portal > System Configuration > Contact Center Server > Queue Monitor Settings, create a Queue (for instance named "Demo Queue") with the following settings


    • In Filter  Conditions, Call Property will equal the variable “ServiceType”
    • Type of match = “attribute match”
    • Condition type = “Equal”
    • Value = the name of the service created specifically for this queue



    In Management Portal > Application Builder > the designated inbound application, add the following blocks and settings – 

    3.  Add “Set Service” block set to the "Demo Service"

    4. Add Set Property block and in the Interaction Property Name add “QMFilter”, then in the Interaction Property Value add the "Demo Queue"