How to check for Microsoft SQL triggers on the GoldMine database.

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    Occasionally it is necessary to verify if there are triggers implemented on a GoldMine database.  

    Here are 2 methods to verify if and which triggers are in a database.




    • In SQL Management Studio open a Query Pane
    • Select the GoldMine database from the database drop-down menu.  
    • Paste one of the following queries into the query pane
    • Execute the query


    Query 1


    select, as [table]

    from sysobjects so

    join sysobjects so2 on so.parent_obj =

    and so.xtype = 'tr'


    This will provide an output like below



    Query 2

    Execute 'sp_helptrigger' for each table in the current database:


    sp_msforeachtable "print '?' exec sp_helptrigger '?'"


    This gives an output like the one shown below: