How to toggle the search box in the top left navigation pane to default to Contact Search or to Universal Search?

Version 1


    After the initial installation of Universal Search, the default Search box changes to Universal Search

    This article explains how to switch the search box back to Contact Search (Center)?



    When Universal Search is not installed, the default search box will always default to Contact Search (Center), when Universal Search is installed, the search box can be set by the user via

    1. Go To > Search > Universal Search
    2. Check the Advanced button

    3. Options Button
    4. Toggle to Use Universal Search By Default


    5. Activate the check box to set the search box to Universal Search

    6. Deactivate the check box to set the search box to Contact Search (Center)

    Additional Information:
    To enter the  cursor directly into the search bar without using the mouse, the user  can use the short key CTRL+2 (this works regardless which Search feature  is currently set to default)