Whenever a user opens the GM + View tab, GoldMine crashes.

Version 1


    GoldMine is crashing when logging into GoldMine because of GM+View issue.


    NOTE: The reason this happened is that there was no default GM + View template selected.  When the GM + View tab was selected by the affected user (would have happened for any logged user), GM crashed/hung. 

    To Learn more about GM + View please see the GoldMine Premium Edition Administrator Guide.

    1.  Select Web > Setup GM+View. 
    The GM+View Tab Settings dialog box opens.
    2.  In the Template List area, click New. 
    3.  Type a name in the Template Name field.
    4. Click in the body of the template and type "This is a demo GM + View"
    5.  Right-click in the design box and select Save.
    6. On the right side of the GM+ View Tab Settings dialog click "Set Default GM+View" dropdown menu >> Select your "Demo" template >> OK
    7. Log into GM as the user GM was crashing on to test the result. (NOTE: Confirmed during support call that GM was no longer crashing/hanging for the affected user)