Database cleanup - How to remove old contacts that you don't need anymore?

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    Your Database has many records which are not needed and should be simply deleted, how can this be achieved? 




    This article refers to a record deletion from the database. 

    In order to archive contact records into a second contact set to preserve the data please refer to different articles. For example: How to move contact records from one contact set to another? Or the GoldMine Online help > GoldMine Administrator Guide > Synchronization > About Transfer Sets > Using Copy/Move Records.


    A. Defining criteria - what are outdated contacts? For example contacts that have not been contacted for the past 3 years, apply criteria in GoldMine and save outcome into a Contact group 


    1. Go to Tools > SQL Query
    2. Copy & Paste & Adjust the date information for the following query (YYYY/MM/DD)




    3. Query
    4. Change to tab Groups
    5. New Group
    6. Provide a name and code + Build the group must be active > Next
    7. SQL Query records > Next
    8. If desired set Sort field and e.g. set {Contact1->Contact} (in order to display also additional information in the Group window) > Next
    9. Finish

    B. Verifying the group members for deletion – please proceed with the below steps to ensure there are no records that should remain in GoldMine, although they don't have any history record for the past 3 years. 

    1. Tools > Groups

    2. Browse to the Group from A
    3. Review the member one by one (at the lower pane and determine if they really should be removed from the database)
    4.a. If yes, then leave them within the group and proceed with next group member

    4.b. If no, then highlight the specific entry > Right Click and select Delete > Confirm the deletion from Contact group (alternatively highlight the specific entry > Remove button at the right of the member pane > Confirm deletion from Contact group) > proceed with next group member
    4.c. If you are not certain whether the record should be deleted or not > browse via Double Click to the contact record > review the information and if it should remain > Browse to Member tab > Highlight the specific Contact Group on the Member tab > Right Click > Delete > Confirm deletion from Contact group > proceed with next group member

    5. Proceed for all group members, so that at the end of the review only the Contact records which should be finally removed from the system are left in the group


    C. Deleting the contact records with Master rights


    1. Check that you have a full running backup of your GoldMine database 

    2. Go to Tools > Data Management > Delete Records
    3. Delete ALL (filtered) contact records > click Next

    4. From the drop down select the appropriate Contact Group > click Next (this step is critical and should be verified to have the correct filter/group set)

    5. Set the desired options (usually on a complete and real data clean-up all items would be selected) + confirm by writing Delete ALL Contact Records > Next

    6. Set if deletions should be synchronized (e.g. for Synchronizing with Remotes) > Finish