GoldMine Web [GMWeb] does not show the website address it just shows the word "Website URL".  The same thing applies for the Email field just showing "Email"

Version 1


    - When looking at records in GoldMine Web some of the records just show the gray word "Email" or "Website URL". 
    - GoldMine Premium Edition directly however there is in fact a Website and/or Email address for the Primary Contact in GoldMine.




    - The gray word "Website URL" or "Email" will show for the respective field if a Primary Website and/or Email address is not shown.
    (see screen shots below)

    - In GoldMine Premium Edition please open the record where this is happening and select a primary Website and/or Email address.
    - Verify that the Website and/or Email address now show in GoldMine Web.
    NOTE: Please see related Knowledge Article 15648 - GoldMine Web (GMWEB) - Why appear some company names as hyperlinks while others appear as normal?