Error: 403.14 forbidden error when opening the Goldmine Mobile website.

Version 1


    When opening the GoldMine Mobile website, the following error is received:  403.14 forbidden error.  The website is configured to not list the contents of this directory


    The mobile website runs using 4.0 32 bit.  To install this option into IIS (not installed by default) please perform the following:  1. Uninstall mobile 2. Open the Start menu and select Run. 3. On the Run dialog box, enter cmd and click OK. 4. Change to the framework v.4x directory (e.g., c:\windows\\framework\v4.0.30319). 5. Run the registration tool (aspnet_regiis.exe -i). 6. Run the IIS reset (iisreset /restart) 7. Re install mobile with the install guide steps  Once the steps are complete, IIS should be able to render the web.config file correctly and produce the log in page.