Why does commit of an Edit Set change ownership of the tables?

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    Every time I commit an Edit Set in HEAT, it makes me the owner of all the tables.  No one else is then able to access HEAT until ownership of the tables is reset on the server. 


    Table ownership in SQL Server is dictated by who was logged on at the time the object was built.  The Edit Set process will actual do the following:  1.  Exports all data from the table you modified along with all HEAT% system tables.  2.  Drops the same tables the data was exported from.  3.  Rebuilds these same tables based off meta data contained in the Edit Set (including your changes).  4.  Re-imports the tables' data.   Since the Edit Set process Drops and re-builds the touched tables, whatever ODBC connection credentials you are using will now become the owner of all rebuilt tables.     To ensure table ownership is never changed, you should alter the properties of the SQL Server instance and allow mixed authentication (both SQL Server Authentication and NT Authentication).  Then alter the table ownership to a default SQL Authenticated user and change your Administrative ODBC connection to use the same SQL Authenticated login account.