What can you change and add to the GoldMine fields and what should not be changed?

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    We want to move fields around on the screen, create new fields, and maybe change the attributes of existing fields.  What are the best practices for doing the above?


    1 - Do not change the name in database of any field in GoldMine in addition to other attributes such as field type (data type), length, decimal (for numeric fields only); this can corrupt your database and have severe unintended consequences including data loss. 2 - The only field properties that can be changed on existing fields are:      A - The field Label (local and global)      B - Color      C - Layout (including label size and data size; this just changes what is displayed, not the actual field characteristics) 3  - It is OK to re-position fields on the screen. 4 - It is OK to add fields to the screen in the contact information and fields tabs; it is CRITICAL however that:      A - A SQL Backup is made prior to adding fields.      B - Users are logged out of GoldMine as a database rebuild is required 5 - To learn more about custom fields etc, please see the GoldMine Premium Edition Administrators Guide PDF  6 - If you find that you have to change the actual field attributes after a field is created then it is best to (NOTE: Again, it is CRITICAL to have fresh SQL backups and users out of GoldMine as these are major changes to the database and do require a rebuild as well):      A - Create a new custom field with the desired attributes such as character vs. number or needs to be 40 characters instead of 20 characters.      B - Use the Global Replace Wizard  to move the data from the old field to the new field.      C - Remove the old field from the screen.      D - Place the new field on the screen in it's place.      E - One data is verified then delete the old field from the database.