Approval notification Reply Words

Version 1


    The Approval notification email in HEAT Service Management, allows the option to reply to the email, by placing one of the following words at the top of the email body: Approved Denied  Is it possible to add an additional word that is accepted into the email body such as "Accepted" to process the approval workflow as approved.


    The following steps explain how to modify the words that can be used to approve the email by replying:

    1. Select More... > Email Config
    2. Log in to the tenant with the Administrators role
    3. Select the Mail Host
    4. Select the FRS Approval Status Keyword tab
    5. Select New
    6. Create the Status keyword mappings you require.

    NOTE: Out of the box defaults are Approved and Denied. If you add entries here you must explicitly also add Approved and Denied.