Is there a way to make 'Copy current record' checked by default when creating new contact records in GoldMine?

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    - In Previous versions of GoldMine (GoldMine Corporate Edition) when creating a new contact record if the user had checked the box "Copy current record", the next time they went to create a new record this box would then be checked by default. Is there a setting or way to have this behavior back?  - Is there a way to make 'Copy current record' checked by default when creating new contact records in GoldMine?


    - RM feature # 110965 will not be addressed within the application as this is not a common feature request. Also in GoldMine Corporate Edition (GMCE) 6.7, this was only valid for the actual session and not a constant setting.  - The desired functionality can be achieved by creating a macro which will set the Copy Current Record automatically
    A. Macro buttons are not displayed on the Standard Toolbar by default. To show the Record, Edit, Stop, and Pause buttons, add them to the Standard Toolbar via  1. Click the Toolbar Options drop-down menu located at the right end of the toolbar. 2.  Select Add or Remove Buttons > Standard 3.  Check Record and Stop (you may also add Edit and Pause although they are not valid in this scenario) Further information about Customizing Toolbars see Help >> GoldMine Help >> GoldMine User Guide > Getting Started > Customizing Toolbars  (> Adding and Removing Standard Toolbar Buttons)   B. Record the macro  1. review the macro recording information from Help >> GoldMine Help >> GoldMine Administrator Guide > User Administration > GoldMine Macros > Working with Macros 2. make sure that all unnecessary GoldMine windows which may interfere while the macro recording are closed 3. CTRL + SHIFT + HOME (starts the macro recording) 4. ALT + F (File menu) >> N (New) >> R (New Record)  5. ALT + R (activate Copy Current Record) 6. CTRL + SHIFT + END (ends the macro recording) 7. Select an appropriate macro symbol + desired Title + desired Description + Optional Hotkey  The macro will now be available for the user!  Notes: - Please keep in mind that macro functionality may require a default installation of GoldMine (especially when UAC settings and elevation levels are in use) - there might be known issues on certain GoldMine versions and / or Operating systems - this specific macro requires the User then to click into a field on the New Record creation window as there is no key stroke available to get there