Duplicate / wrong column headers in Contact record's Opportunities or Projects tab after changing order of columns

Version 1


    Duplicate / wrong column headers in Contact record's Opportunities or Projects tab after changing order of columns

    1. On any open Contact Record
    2. Browse to Opportunities Tab - same appears on Projects Tab
    3. Drag the column Status in front of column Forecast - the column order should now be Opportunity, Status, Forecast, Age, Stage

    4. Close GoldMine
    5. start GoldMine again
    6. Browse to Opportunities Tab and verify the column headers - these are expected to be now Opportunity, Status, Forecast, Age, Stage

    the values are correct  but the headers are incorrect so from the above example it will display  as Opportunity, Forecast, Forecast, Age, Stage

    - the same appears when simply changing after step 3 to another tab (e.g. History) and back to Opportunities / Projects Tab



    A. Delete the [OpptysTab] and/or [ProjectsTab] section in the USER.INI

    1.    The affected user need to log off from GoldMine
    2.    Browse to the GoldMine (shared) folder
    3.    Browse to the user’s USER.INI  (e.g. MASTER.INI when the affected user is MASTER)
    4.    If you are not used to manipulate the USER.INI it is strongly recommend to make a copy of the file prior changing it
    5.    Open the USER.INI with Notepad
    6.    Search for a Section [OpptysTab] / [ProjectsTab]
    7.a. Either delete the whole section (means [OpptysTab] and/or [ProjectsTab] until the next section indicator [xyz]) >> usually this section has 4 lines and consists of the entries ColumnHeaderState=, FilterEnabled=, SummaryEnabled= and GroupEnabled=
    7.b. or alternatively delete ONLY the line/row ColumnHeaderState= within the affected section [OpptysTab] and/or [ProjectsTab]

    8.    Save the file
    9.    Log in as the user
    10.  Verify the view

    additional note: the User should be advised NOT to change the sort order again as otherwise the behavior will reoccur

    B. Use an override option in the GM.INI as this will prevent users to be able to modify permanently to change column order

    1. Browse to the GoldMine (shared) folder
    2. Browse to the GM.INI
    3. Make sure to have a backup copy of the file
    4. Add the following at the end of the GM.INI

    for Opportunities tab

    alternatively / additionally for Projects tab


    5. Save the GM.INI
    6. verify the behavior

    additional note: the users should be able to change the column only as long as they are in the tab which can be used e.g. for the Output to feature. As soon as the user changes the tab or log out of GoldMine the Opportunities/Projects tab view resets to the original setting again