To Make All Records Public No Curtaining

Version 1


    To Make All Records Public No Curtaining



    NOTE: Before performing any of the following, make sure all users are logged out of GoldMine.  Also make sure to have a current stable backup of ALL GoldMine files. 

    1. Select from the Main Menu Tools>>Global Replace Wizard. 
    2. Select Update a field using advanced options. 
    3. Click Next. 
    4. In the Update Field drop-down list box, select Status (Note: This will only be accessible if the logged-in user has Master’s rights). 
    5. In the Replace Method box, select Evaluate Value as dBase expression. 
    6. In the Expression dialog box, enter the expression for the level of curtaining:

      Where "n" stands for the level of curtaining:
      0 = None 
      1 = Partial 
      2 = Complete 
      3 = Semi-Partial
    7. Click Next. 
    8. Click Next again. 
    9. Here, select whether the global changes will apply to all contacts or to a filter or group of contacts; by selecting ALL Contact Records!, or a specific filter or group from the drop-down list box. 
    10. Click Next once done. 
    11. Click Finish.