Invalid Path: ClassType IncidentManagement.Incident does not contain Attribute businessobject.

Version 7

    The following error is displayed:


    "Invalid Path: ClassType xxx does not contain Attribute xxx"


    The same error is displayed as follows in German Environment:

    "Ungültiger Pfad: ClassType IncidentManagement.Incident enthält das Attribute xxx nicht"


    This means that there is an incorrect Placeholder within a notification.

    In this case (see attachment) the incorrect Placeholder "businessobject" does not exist in Object: Incident Management - Incident.


    In order to resolve this, locate the incorrect placeholder and change it to the Name of the attribute you wish to use. Normally you would find the incorrect Placeholder in a Reminder or Notification.


    Below are steps to follow for identifying the problem reminders.

    1)     Use the GUID found in the application error about the invalid attribute in the script below to return the Incident ID:



    select pm_id from pm_process where pm_guid = (select im_incident_guid from im_reminder where im_guid = '<GUID>')



    2)     Open the Incident in Console and check the Reminders.  Either Untick the IsActive flag or remove the invalid placeholder(s).

    3)     Wait 2 minutes.

    4)     Check the event log, if there is a new error message with a different GUID start the process again.




    If the Guid belongs to a Change, then use the below script:


    select pm_id from pm_process where pm_guid = (select cm_change_guid from cm_change_reminder where cm_guid = 'GUID')