How to integrate Heat Service Management 7.2 with DSM 7.2.1 or DSM 7.2.2

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    How to integrate Heat Service Management 7.2 with DSM 7.2.1 or DSM 7.2.2



    On the DSM Server

    1. In the DSM Console, under the HEAT/ITSM Integration Settings, verify that the 'Integration with' parameter is set to ITSM 6/7 and that the name of the ITSM Application Server is correct in the URL of the DSM Integration Service:


     2. Stop and Disable the Service: Frontrange DSM Messenger Service


     On the ITSM Application Server

     1. Modify the web.config file in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\FrontRange Solutions\Service Management\DSMIntegration (or wherever ITSM has been installed to).

    Change the setting MultiTenancy to 'false' and the setting UseServerTimeZone to 'true'




           <section name="log4net" type="log4net.Config.Log4NetConfigurationSectionHandler,Log4net"></section>



           <add key="SaaSBaseURI" value="http://localhost/SelfService"></add>

           <add key="CentralConfigURI" value="http://localhost/SelfService/ServiceAPI/ConfigService.asmx"></add>

           <!-- This tells the data access layer when to expire and refresh the cached metadata - in minutes -->

           <add key="MDRefreshInterval" value="600"></add>

           <!-- This tells the service when to retry a request if its status is either

              Submitted or Responded and its ActivityDateTime is this many minutes old -->

           <add key="RetryInterval" value="60"></add>

           <!-- This affects how the service handle authentication and whether or not to lock the request records before processing -->

           <add key="MultiTenancy" value="false"></add>

           <!-- This affects all the datetime values set in the BO. For Onpremise this should be true and for SaaS - false-->

           <add key="UseServerTimeZone" value="true"></add>



    2)   Modify the Messenger.exe.config in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\FrontRange Solutions\Service Management\DSMIntegrationMessenger (or wherever ITSM has been installed to).

    Change the value of 'dsmIntegrationURI' so that it has the name of the ITSM Application Server and the value of 'itsmIntegrationURI' to contain the name of the DSM Server.  This is in the instructions that is in the ITSM/DSM Configuration Guide.

    I have also found it necessary to add the port that the ITSM Integration Service listens to on the DSM Server (8080)  - for example:


        <add key="AuthKey" value=""/>

        <add key="dsmIntegrationURI" value="http://ITSM722/DSMIntegrationService/DSMIntegrationService.svc"/>

        <add key="itsmIntegrationURI" value="http://DSM721:8080/ITSMIntegrationService/ITSMIntegrationService.svc"/>

        <add key="MultiTenancy" value="false"/>

        <add key="LogLevel" value="ERROR"/>

        <!-- This is how often the Messenger will wake up and look for messages to pass on - in seconds -->

        <add key="Interval" value="60"/>

        <!-- This is the timeout value the Messenger uses whenever it makes a WCF call to the DSM/ITSM Integration Services - in seconds -->

        <add key="RequestTimeout" value="10"/>

        <!-- This is the timeout value we should expect DSM server to respond whenever a ping is sent - in seconds -->

        <add key="PingTimeout" value="10"/>   

        <!-- This tells the service the number of messages to batch together before sending over to DSM/ITSM Integration Services -->

        <add key="BatchSize" value="5"/>


     The Messenger.exe.config that is installed by default also has a fault with the value that is set for the 'itsmIntegrationURL' - it has 'DSMIntegrationService' instead of 'ITSMIntegrationService'. Please change this value to 'ITSMIntegrationService':


        <add key="AuthKey" value=""/>

        <add key="dsmIntegrationURI" value="http://localhost/DSMIntegrationService/DSMIntegrationService.svc"/>

        <add key="itsmIntegrationURI" value="http://localhost/DSMIntegrationService/DSMIntegrationService.svc"/>

        <add key="MultiTenancy" value="false"/>


     3)     Restart the FrontRange Solutions DSM Messenger

    It should now be possible to do a "Ping DSM Service" from the "DSM on-demand Sync Request" Business Object in the ITSM Premise Client.  The workflow instance should now go to Completed status.

    On the DSM Server there is a log file called bls_ItsmIntegrationWcfService.log that is in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\enteo\NiLogs\BLS that shows that the DSM Server has replied to the "ping".

    2013-11-19 08:24:30,352 [13] INFO  Enteo.FrontRangeIntegration.Server.BusinessLogic.Itsm - Sending 1 reply message(s) to DSM Integration service