How to switch between databases for both the GoldMine tables and Contact tables (not just connect to a different Contact Set Database)?

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    We have recently copied our GoldMine Database to a new GoldMine Database called GoldMine 2014.  We want to have the original GoldMine Database and be able to connect to it but we want users to be able to switch between the two databases for both the GoldMine tables and the Contact tables.  How do we accomplish this?


    NOTE: The GoldMine Support Desk does not suggest to have multiple full databases (Databases that have both the GoldMine tables and Contact tables); we suggest if multiple databases are used that the additional databases only be Contact Set databases.  The reason for this is below:  A - If "USER A" connects to the GoldMine 2013 database for both Contact tables and GoldMine and  "USER B" logs into GoldMine for the first time that day or "USER C" closes and opens GoldMine again that "USER B" and/or "USER C" will now be connected to the GoldMine 2013 database.  B - All users MUST verify EVERY time they login or out of GoldMine that they are connected to the correct database for GoldMine Tables and Contact Tables by looking at Help >> About GoldMine >> System button. Both "GoldMine Files" and "Contact Files" MUST be the desired database.  C - This can cause complications if a user is connected to the wrong database and does work in GoldMine, to move the data from the "wrong" database to the "correct" database can be very costly and will require the assistance of a GoldMine Solutions Partner or SQL Database Administrator who knows GoldMine data structure.  HOW A USER DETERMINES THEY ARE CONNECTED TO THE CORRECT DATABASE: 1 - Login to GoldMine and click Help >> About GoldMine >> System button. 2 - Verify that for both "GoldMine Files" and "Contact Files" the entries are BOTH the same and correct database.  HOW TO SWITCH FROM ONE DATABASE TO THE OTHER: 1 - Login to GoldMine and first verify the database that is connected with the steps above. 2 - First change the contact set database by clicking Tools >> Databases >> Open Database. 3 - Select the desired Contact Set Database >> Click Open. 4 - Have the user with MASTER rights click tools >> Options >> Login tab 5 - Change the dropdown entries for "GoldMine database" and "Default contact database" to the desired database. (NOTE: this will restart GoldMine and make the user login again). 6 - Verify that the correct database is connected by using the above "How a user determines they are connected to the correct database" above.