We cannot use the pager or SMS function in GoldMine.

Version 1


    How do we setup Goldmine pager to send email notifications for alarms?  There is the setting "Page me with the alarm when not acknowledged withing X min" but there is no longer a pager tab in GoldMine.


    1 - The pager tab has been removed from GoldMine  2 - Per the GMPE 9.0.3 release notes: A new Messaging tab appears in the user options screen when a GoldMine Mobile license is added to the License Manager.  The Messaging tab enables users to receive alarms for upcoming activities on their mobile devices as SMS messages.  For more information, please review the GoldMine Mobile Edition Installation and User Guide.  The Pager tab that appeared in previous releases is no longer displayed. 3 - Please see the following link as you may be able to manually configure the pager/sms function but GoldMine no longer supports this option; it has been replaced by our GoldMine Mobile Edition product. 4 - http://frsconnect.frontrange.com/group_discussion.aspx?discussionid=6468fc1f96e7428998ef067d89e3d2df 5 - The edit to the gm.ini may look something like this: [SMS] Providers=ATT,Cellcom (where ATT and Cellcom each represent a supported provider)  [SMS_ATT]  ShortName=ATT (identifier stored in number's corresponding Ext field, 6 char max.) LongName=ATT Wireless (Provider drop down option) Email=my.att.com (Provider's domain)  Maxlength=125 (Maximum message length) 6 - The edit to the user.ini may look something like this: [GoldPager] PIN=MessageSubjectLine [email protected]