Steps to Clone and Customize a Report to your own workspace

Version 1


    In order to customize a report so that you do not have to always change the options, you can clone any public report to your own workspace and change the options to fit your needs. 


    Steps to Clone & Customize a Report:

    1. Tools > Reports > GoldMine Reports
    2. Ensure the user at the top of the reports center says (Public)
    3. Expand GoldMine reports
    4. Expand Calendar Printouts
    5. For example > Right Click on Daily - Day Timer (detailed)
    6. Choose to Clone
    7. Provide a Report Description (the name appearing in the Report's list) + a Report Filename (the underlying file usually in the GoldMine shared Reports folder)

    8. Click on the Options tab
    9. Change settings so they are customized for your preferences
    ** Change user to your name and check/uncheck the activity types you do or do not want
    10. Click OK to save the cloned report to your workspace