Cannot DROP TABLE 'Subset' because it is being referenced by object 'IDX_Subset_Contact'.

Version 1


    Using Load HEAT to import a haf file, when it gets to the Subset table it errors, then it looks like the load is completed.  The LoadHEAT.log has this message.    HEATERR log has the following:  014-04-03 @ 16:36 SQL Error encountered. Application: LoadDB Utility HDA number: HDA XXX-XXX Company: Company_Name User:  Security Group: Error State: 37000 Vendor: Microsoft Driver: SQL Server Native Client 10.0 Data Source: SQL Server Error: Cannot DROP TABLE 'Subset' because it is being referenced by object 'IDX_Subset_Contact'. Last SQL String: DROP TABLE Subset Last ODBC Command: Function: SQLExecDirect('DROP TABLE Subset')


    There is a key index between the Contact table and the Subset table and it has been stored as a View.  To fix this you should do the following:  1.  Ensure you have a good backup of the DB. 2.  Launch SQL Server Management Studio as an account with Drop Table rights. 3.  Expand Databases and expand the HEAT database. 4.  Select the Views folder (be sure Object Explorer Details is enabled - either use F7 or select View>> Object Explorer Details). 5.  In the Object Explorer Details (right-pane) you should see the View named "IDX_Subset_Contact".  NOTE:  There may be other Views as well.  These will all be rebuilt if deleted and are needed. 6.  Right-click on the IDX_Subset_Contact View and select Delete. 7.  Click OK to the Delete Object dialog.  (Delete remaining "IDX_%" views if they exist). 8.  Re-load your .haf file.