How to make GoldMine auto-populate a specific username when launching from shortcut vs. some other username?

Version 2


    - We want GoldMine to automatically populate with the username of the person's workstation who is using the workstation; how do we do this?


    1 - Log out of GoldMine at the workstation

    2 - Right click on the GM shortcut and click "Properties"

    3 - On the Shortcut tab >> Target line, put your cursor after the quotes at the end (i.e. "C:\Program Files\GoldMine\gmw.exe"

    4 - Put a space then /U:GMUSERNAME IN CAPS (The result will look like "C:\Program Files\GoldMine\gmw.exe" /U:TODD

    5 - Click "Apply" >> "OK"

    6 - Double click the GM icon now (NOTE: if the user does not have a password then GM will launch, if the user does require a password, the cursor will be placed in the password field)?