How to get server agents to start automatically?

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    How to get server agents to start automatically?


    To Start Server Agents Automatically with Macros:

    To Record a Macro
    1. With Macro buttons activated in the Global Toolbar, click Record.
     - The macro is ready to record. Also start the recording process by typing CTRL+SHIFT+HOME - 

    [TIP: Record a macro using keystrokes rather than mouse-clicks. To use the GoldMine menus, type ALT+. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu options]

    2. Begin the steps to record ( Using keyboard shortcuts ALT T > E > S)
    3. When finished, click Stop on the Global Toolbar or press CTRL+SHIFT+END.

    - The Define Macro Button dialog box opens - 

    5. In the Status Bar Description field, type a description of the macro to serve as the button name and pop-up text.
    6. The Optional Hot Key is optional. Type the hot keys you are assigning to the macro; for example, to use ALT+9 as the
    hot key, hold down the ALT key and the 9 key. The Optional Hot Key box displays ALT+9.
    7. From the Playback drop-down list, select the playback speed for the macro.
    Select Full Speed to launch or run the macro quickly, or Recorded Speed to run the macro at the speed it was recorded.

    ** Your macros will be in your GoldMine directory in the Macros folder. Each Macro is assigned their own number

    To Add the Macro to the Target Line of the GoldMine Shortcut
    1. Right click on the GoldMine shortcut and go to Properties
    2. Edit the Target line path to add the username, password and macro number

    So your command will look like this: .....gmw.exe" /u:username /p:password /m:###
    [where ### is your macro number]