How to replicate data in a specific field for all contact records within a relationship tree in GoldMine Premium Edition.

Version 1


    In some scenarios it may be necessary to update a specific field for all Contact Records in a GoldMine Premium Edition Relationship Tree. This can be completed without creating a filter or group to select all of the Contact Records. 



    [IMPORTANT NOTE:] Always take a FULL backup of the GoldMine SQL Database before completing mass data changes of this nature.

    1. Log into GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights, or a non-master user WITH access to Global Replace. 
    2. Open the primary contact record for the relationship tree you wish to update info for. 
    3. Update the desired field in this primary contact record. 
    4. Open the Relationships tab in this contact record.
    5. Right-Click on the top entry in the relationship tree, and select Replicate Data
    6. The Replicate Data window opens.
    7. Select the 'Field' check box. 
    8. Select the desired field in the drop-down menu. 
    9. Click OK to complete the process.


    - Instead of making a right click on the top entry of the relationship tree, the replication of data can be also performed on a section level via right click on the section header, and select Replicate Data