LANDesk Query Builder - ldmsqb 1.3

Version 8


      Version 1.3

    LDMSQB is a small utility (written in AutoitScript) that takes a text file of either  computer/machine or user/logon names and creates a LANDesk query. Currently there is no efficient way to take a list of machine/user names and create a LANDesk query. The script is based on Jan Chojnacki's original script (hard to find). I found in version 8.8 that the original script would not import the last line of the query. The script was pretty much rewritten to expand on the great work Jan completed in the original script.


    Some enhancements - better error handling, fully documented, whitespace and blank line removal of the input file, GUI stays up to handle multiple query generation, imports last line of query, overwrite warning for existing queries,  etc... I have left the column names to a minimal. My feelings are that it is very easy to add additional columns in LANDesk.


    There are bound to be issues with this utility, and I offer no support (see disclaimer - readme.txt).  However, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please let me know.  This utility has only been tested in LANDesk version 8.8


    Version 1.3 (10-15-10) - Consider Beta. slight changes to XML
    formatting for LDMS 9.X. 
    Version 1.2 (6-15-09) - Like parameter added - Mike Compton
    Properly close all files out
    Added Login Name to query col.