How can I display a website within HEAT as a Workspace?

Version 1



    You can now add a URL component within a workspace in HEAT. For example, you may want to show information from a monitoring system directly on your dashboard. Follow these steps to add a URL component: 




    You can now add a website and display as a workspace in HEAT.

    1. Login as Admin and select Configure Application

    2. Under Configure on the left hand side, go to Users and Permissions > Roles and Permissions.

    3. Select a role from the Role Name column. This example uses the Admin role.

    4. Click Top Level Tabs.

    5. Click Add a New Tab.

    6. Click Url Workspace.

    7. Enter the Display Name in the Name field

    8. In the Url dialog box, enter a valid URL - for example

    This will display the website page within a workspace. 

    Please, see a Business Object Workspace as a URL for more details. 


    •  Make sure that you enter a valid URL in the Url dialog box. If you enter a URL that is not valid and click Preview, the system displays a blank page. 
    •  If you configure a URL without SSL (simple HTTP), Chrome displays an unsafe script message.
    •  If you select that badge and allow unsafe scripts,you can display the page. Other browsers may display an error message.