How to create a search to return all Incidents with Surveys by Service

Version 1


    You would like to create a search for all Incidents that have Surveys and to view this information by Service.



    1. Launch the tenant
    2. Select the Incident work space
    3. Click on the Show dropdown for search
    5. Click on New Saved Search
    6. Give your Search a Title
    7. Publish to the correct Roles
    8. Select Saved Search for the Category
    9. Select your Incident Criteria, i.e. Status == Closed
    10. Click + 
    11. Click AND
    12. In the first combo box, click "Is Related To"
    13. In the second combo box, click "At Least"
    14. In the third combo box, select "1"
    15. In the last combo box, select the related item "FRS_SurveyResults"
    16. Save