When using the UserNameFormat=1 setting in the gm.ini, GoldMine sorts user-name drop-down lists differently.

Version 1


    The ability to change the display of user names in GoldMine's user name drop-down lists via a setting in the GM.INI file, which is in the main GoldMine application folder on the application server, was added in GoldMine version 6.0.

    The following information was included with the release notes regarding this feature:
    This feature was introduced in GM 6.0:

    ---  Version 6.00.30203 Enhancements Listing  ---
     . Inclusion of user's full name along with GoldMine user name in all username listings   . GM.INI entry controls format    UserNameFormat=0 default  GMID (Full Name)    UserNameFormat=1   Full Name (GMID)



    - When this setting is active, as in the example: UserNameFormat=1, this will cause GoldMine to show the user's FULL NAME before the USERID in all username drop-down lists.
    - Users will also notice that the alphabetical sorting is different depending on which window or view the drop-down list is being accessed in. 

    The calendar view user name drop-down list will sort alphabetically by USERID as seen in the screenshot below:

    The schedule view user name drop-down list will sort alphabetically by the users FULL NAME as seen in the screenshot below:

    This is logged with the GoldMine Product Engineering team under RM# 229112.