GM+View Template with password validation for a certain action or opening a certain target website

Version 2


    - GM+View Template with password validation for opening a website, for example an internal intranet site which should be used only by certain users

    - Only certain users should have access to certain GM+Views, for example to open internal websites to review or change contact related data.


    - Current GoldMine versions do not have the possibility to restrict GM+View screens User related and NOT contact related
    - This is RM # 100241

    - Wherever available it is recommended to rather secure for example the target website with a password as those methods usually are more secure and provide more flexibility, than a GM+View.
    - The following sample for a GM+View template where users first need to enter a password before continuing, (for example an internal website) is provided only as-is without any warranty of any kind.
    - GoldMine Technical Support does not assist any further with the sample template, for example when experiencing any issues or any amendments are desired.
    - It was tested in GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.2 and 2015.1 with Internet Explorer 11 with master and non master rights.

    - The script is based on Javascript
    - The required password is set as a default value, here 'access' and can be adjusted within the txt file via copy and paste
    - When the user enters a wrong password a message will appear 'You did not enter the correct password. Please try again!'

    - When the user enters the matching password a message will appear (which can be adjusted to be suppressed) 'Password correct, press OK and will appear in a new browser window'

    - Please keep in mind that users with master rights can easily identify the set password by looking into the GM+View Template (code)
    - Users with no master rights do not have the possibility to review the code or GM+View template details from the GoldMine GM+View interface(s).


    - In GoldMine Premium Edition lower than 9.2.0 these GM+Views need to be created manually
    1. Download the attached text file <<Password GM+View.txt>> and open it with Notepad.
    2. Log in with Master rights.
    3. Web > Setup GM+View.
    4. New Button
    5. Template Name for example Password GM+View
    6. Click into the body
    7. Click the Icon <H> from the Toolbar
    8. Copy and paste the content of the matching text file
    9. Icon <H> from the Toolbar
    9. Icon Save (yellow disk) from the Toolbar
    10. The content should come up and a text should appear in the window

    11. On a contact record > GM+View and select and test the new created GM+View

    - In GoldMine Premium Edition 9.2.0 and higher these GM+Views can either be created manually by the above steps or imported. 
    1. Download  the attached text file <<Password GM+View.txt>> and rename its file  extension from txt to html
    2. Log into GoldMine with Master rights
    3. Web > Setup GM+View
    4. Import Button
    5. Browse to the HTML file (Password GM+View.html)
    6. A message appears that the template was imported successfully

    7. OK