Is there a way to import the spell check file from another user when creating a new user?

Version 1


    - You have a new user and want to use or import an existing user's spell check files as you have many industry specific terms that are not available in general dictionaries.   - Your existing users have spent time building their dictionaries and you want your new user to be able to take advantage of this work that has already been done by users before them instead of duplicating the work.



    1. Create the GoldMine user as desired.
    2. Log in to GoldMine as the new user.
    3. Click Tools > Options > Speller tab.
    4. Under "Dictionaries" select the "Main Dictionary language" that you require, for example "American English".

    5. Click the "Setup Dictionaries" button.
    6. Click "Add File" button.
    7. In the "Add Dictionary File" dialogue select the "username.tlx" file displayed > Open > Click Close > OK.

    8. This will generate the folder and file for the new user in the speller folder located in the GoldMine share > Speller folder.
    9. Find an existing user folder who has the dictionary you which to copy that has built up words over time > Right click Copy and paste in the speller folder.  This will create a folder of the username's speller folder you wish to use "USERNAME - Copy".

    10.Delete the new user's speller folder.
    11.Rename the "USERNAME - Copy" folder to the newly created user.
    12.Open the renamed folder.
    13. Rename the username.ini and username.tlx files within the newly renamed username speller folder to the newly created username.ini and username.tlx.

    14. Ensure on the Email tab of user preferences More options >> Advanced that the option "Auto spell-check before sending" is selected for the newly created user.

    15. Test the result.