How do I create filters in GoldMine Premium Edition?

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    How do I create filters in GoldMine Premium Edition?


    - Please  refer to the GoldMine Online Help via Help >> GoldMine Help  >>  GoldMine User Guide > Contact Management > Working with  Filters > Creating Filters (and related sub chapters) as this contains the most important information on how to create filters. This will help users to create own filters.

    - As additional information provided by GoldMine Technical Support is a kind of example and recommendation with the related steps to create a filter within GoldMine Premium Edition

    1. Not necessary but recommended - prepare maybe on paper which fields,  which operators you will need, including AND/OR and brackets
    2. Tools >> Filters
    3.  Usually Filters are setup for the 'personal' use and therefore usually  setup for the own user name but it can be changed to another user  via the View Filters: drop down (for example for  (public) filters)
    4. Button New  
    5.a. Provide a descriptive Filter  name (it is recommended to use an informative name, so that user can  easily identify the intention)   
    5.b. Here is a further chance to set a specific user name from the drop down
    6. Switch to tab Build
    7.  Add here the desired criteria combined with the further Boolean Operators like  ( ) + AND/OR depending on the current availability of the term (for  example an AND/OR at the beginning of a Filter is not allowed and does  not make sense, while a starting '(' may make sense - creating filters  follow logical conditions as in mathematics for example terms on  brackets are evaluated prior the 'outside' conditions)

    - as an example the following 2 filters evaluate the GoldMine records completely different due to the set "(" and ")"

    (City Equals Los Angeles AND Accountmgr Equals Mike) OR Accountmgr  Equals Tom is something totally different then
    City Equals Los Angeles AND (Accountmgr Equals Mike OR Accountmgr  Equals Tom)

    NB: the first filter evaluates all records from accountmgr  Mike in Los Angeles but nowhere else plus all records regardless  wherever in the world for accountmgr Tom while the second filter  evaluates first all records from Mike or Tom and then drills out from  those records only those records located in Los Angeles

    8.  Once finished, to add all criteria as desired, the user can either to save the filter already now with step's 9 pressing OK or if a certain sort or further  limitation like only those records matching the filter but having a company name starting with a A-D >> switch to tab  Optimize and set those criteria as desired.
    9. OK

    10. In order to verify or estimate if the result would be correct the user may  want either
    a. On the Filter tab >> High light the created filter  >> Right Click >> Count as this gives the user an idea which  percentage of the available records would match the filter condition. Considering the above example with the 'wrong' set brackets a result may  appear as 25% as Tom may have a lot of contacts outside of Los Angeles  while the estimated amount of records might be only about 5%
    b. Additionally/alternatively the user can also verify the records via Highlight  the Filter >> Switch to tab Preview >> Search All, in the  preview pane and get the real contact records in a list (Company and Contact) and  the user may want to go sporadically through the records if they are really matching  the criteria

    12. Once the user verified the correctness of the filter, the filter should remain as available for future and various use like mail merge,  global replace etc, etc., if opposite to this the user recognizes that there is something wrong within the filter, it is recommended to document the current conditions with a  screenshot and then start over by going back into the filter setup via
    a. Highlight the filter >> Button Properties
    b. Tab Build
    c. Document the exiting criteria for example with a screenshot
    d. Button Clear
    e. start from the scratch with adding the desired criteria and boolean operators
    NB: it is possible but not recommended to change the existing Expressions, in case a user is experienced enough, this can be done via the tab Properties >> Select the SQL Query at the bottom >> Button Edit Expression >> Adjust the WHERE clause from the filter conditions and once finished >> OK. Please keep in mind that from this time onward the Expression is neither available in the Preview nor when opening the filter in normal properties mode again, the criteria will be displayed as n/a

    - While GoldMine Technical  Support cannot assist you in creating your specific desired filters, we  can usually assist to find out the 'incorrectness' within a desired  filter, alternatively please consult your GoldMine partner who may assist you further