How to use the AppSight BlackBox tracing utility

Version 4


    This document goes through the steps to trace events on the workstation using the AppSight BlackBox tracing utility.




    1.  Go to the following URL:


    2.  Click the button as seen here:




    NOTE:         Internet Explorer is the only supported browser.  Using a different browser will cause the “Click Here to Install Trace Utility” to notify the user that Internet Explorer is required.     IE 6 and 7 were tested and work, Firefox users will receive a prompt on page load and on clicking the Install link that the site requires Internet Explorer.





    3.  Choose to run the Support.exe file.




    4.  The Support application will open, and will automatically continue to the next step which is to choose the trace profile that you wish to use.    The two profiles shown here are for general purpose troubleshooting and will capture most LANDesk processes on the core server or client.



    The BlackBox agent will then install automatically, and will proceed to the next step.


    5.    The user will see the following prompt after the AppSight BlackBox agent installs.






                NOTE:  At this point the trace is running, and capturing events from the trace profile.



    6.    After the event or error has been captured, click the Continue button.    The user will be prompted with the following popup:ScreenHunter_108.jpg






    7.         On clicking OK, the user will be prompted for their contact information including their LANDesk Support case number.





    8.     On clicking Continue, the trace file will be uploaded to the LANDesk Repository server, and the last window will give the option to Select another scenario, Uninstall the BlackBox client, or to Close the window.      


    An email will also be sent using the email address provided in the previous form.